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An overview of the workshop

This workshop is intended for anyone who are interested in learning on how to develop the state-of-the-art text-to-speech system for their language.

The workshop course assumes no prior knowledge but it is not a trivial treatment. The workshop covers the basic of TTS systems development, and the common applications as well as possible future application of TTS system.

In this workshop, participants can learn the process of resource accumulation, training and synthesis of a new language, especially languages suffering from resource constrain. In this workshop, the topics related to TTS system are shared in a kind of iterative deepening rather than isolated approach, where the entire process is repeated over and over again in each session.

Workshop Objectives

This workshop offers the participants:

  • ✔ A complete overview of the HMM-based Text-To-Speech (TTS) System, including the survey of application area for TTS systems.

  • ✔ Practical, hands-on guidance in using HTS-toolkit for developing a TTS system for new languages.

  • ✔ An automatic way to develop a corpus for a new language using online resources.

Key Features

This workshop is practical in nature. All topics are presented within the context of the HMM-Based Text-to-Speech system using the HTS-toolkit, the most widely-used open source text-to-speech system.

The workshop includes half-a-day of hands-on exercises using HTS-toolkit and data sets to develop an actual HMM-based TTS system on computers provided by the organizers during the workshop. Participants are NOT required to bring along their machines.

Benefits of the Workshop

♦ Explain the fundamentals of HMM-Based Text-to-Speech System.

♦ Help you to kick-start the development of HMM-Based TTS system for your language.

♦ Shows you how to use HTS-toolkit for developing TTS system.

♦ Overcoming the resource constrain for your language.

- Workshop Day: 14 May 2016

- Early Bird Registration: by 26 April 2016

- Late registration and payment: by 10 May 2016

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION will be given to those who have successfully attended and completed this workshop.